Personal logo design trends in 2021

After the pandemic and not-so-great start of the decade, businesses are in dire need of a rebrand. Personal Logo designs are important. Not only because they are aesthetically pleasing. But also, because an organization can’t build a strong brand identity without a good personal logo design. 

Personal Logo design trends aren’t something that you want to practice immediately. Few of them are best ignored. Mainly because some of these 2021 design trends tend to be overused. These are the results that you get from an automated logo maker. As a matter of fact, online personal logo makers have caused more harm to the logo design industry. They generate poorly executed designs that hurt brands and their purpose. This is one of the main reasons why you should hire a professional logo designer. 

A logo plays a key role in reflecting the brand it represents. It’s crucial to design a personal logo that represents yourself and your brand. These trends have a role to play. The trend motivates the personal logo design industry to grow and evolve. By following the 2021 design trends, your website will look up-to-date and fresh. Here we have gathered some of the top personal logo design trends in 2021. 

1. Simplistic and minimal personal logo design

Simplistic and Minimal Personal Logo Design

As the years are passing by, Logos are becoming simpler and more minimal. In the year 2021, there are no obvious signs of this trend slowing down. Simplicity in a design is also a principle of design. A designer should try to make their design as simple as possible. Especially when it comes to a personal logo design. A personal logo should communicate effectively and be memorable at the same time. While also remaining legible and appropriate. Try to opt for minimalist designs that replicate across a wide range of mediums and sizes. 

2. Personal logo wordmark

Personal Logo Wordmark

Wordmark is a type of logo that is completely based around a typeface. It is not a new trend on the rise. But has been around for the longest time. The design concept is to only use your brand name in the logo. While adding a little bit of spice to give it a unique modern look. Because logotypes can be limiting in terms of visual impact. 

The entire focus of the logo is the brand name. So, if done right your brand becomes instantly memorable. As it ensures that the target audience knows who they are. Using this type of logo design doesn’t leave much room for creative license. But our artistic logo designers of 2021 are changing that impression too. One letter at a time.  

3. Vivid and gradient colors

Vivid and Gradient Colors

If your design is missing some spark, then you should probably rethink your color choice. Surely black and white logos are a classic style. That never misses out and is hard to beat. Crazy color combinations that are bright and vivid are a fire way for a personal logo to make an instant impact on the viewers. This is your simple way of standing out from the crowd. Just by leaving the old color standard behind and going wild with your colors (not entirely). Additionally, if you are willing to upgrade a tired old logo. And establishing a new one. Then this simple practice is your go-to. 

A gradient effect is when the shades of the same color smoothly transition into one another. This is how you can add an effect of a breathing 3D image. It stands out through its energy and dynamics. And adds some dimension and depth to the personal logo. In order to play with colors, make sure you have enough knowledge about color theory.

4. Disappearing letters

personal logo

To grab your audience’s attention, offer them a riddle. Not quite literally but just by giving a slight touch of it. Give your personal logo design a puzzle feel by using fading colors, leaving a line incomplete, or by taking out a part of the world. It’s a part of manipulating typography with your own creativity. Not only it is visually appealing but also attention-grabbing. 

At times, this can be a tricky technique to pull off. You have to be careful while implementing this in your design. As if you go too far with this technique will make you lose legibility within your personal logo design. Make sure to be aware of how far you can go with it to remain legible. In a personal logo design, it’s important to know when to stop. Make sure your logo message remains easy to grasp by the audience.

5. Connect the dots

Connect the Dots

Personal Logo design trends keep evolving. In the year 2020, we saw a rise in connect-the-dot logos. And as expected, it continues to be on the list of top personal logo design trends of 2021. Connect the dot logos feature a series of dots, lines, and circles to create a unique design. 

However, feel free to experiment with this trend. For example, choosing between hollow and solid dots, playing around with line and dot weight, and experimenting with its composition. Make sure to add enough negative space to your design. While also keeping things fun and interesting. The basic and same old technique can give your personal logo a homogenous look. So, continue to innovate and create new unique connect-the-dots designs.

6. Overlapping elements

Overlapping Elements

If you prefer bold design solutions. Then you will surely love this trend. There are countless ways to put the elements in your logo to work. And it never hurts to try out different options. To make your design interesting, position different elements on top of each other. Merge different shapes and images and leave some really unique effects and color blends. 

Personal logo final thoughts

All of the personal logo design trends don’t exist in isolation. And also, it’s a rare case where a trend is limited to a single year. These 2021 design trends are the perfect opportunity to rebrand this young decade. The future of our logos is striving for a kind of purity and authenticity. You can use these or other expressive techniques to create a stunning and meaningful personal logo design. More importantly, one that is remembered by everyone.

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